Suddenly, everyone discusses YouTuber Nessie Judge on Twitter. Nessie’s name even tops the list of trending topics with thousands of tweets from netizens. Nessie Judge becomes the highlight because of rumors circulating this beautiful YouTuber, who has just broken up with her boyfriend, Bram Panji. By the way, we have more interesting news and social media trends today. Check out the news and trends on November 23rd.

Indonesian YouTuber Nessie Judge breaks up with her long-time boyfriend, who has reportedly cheated on her and taken her money. The 28-year-old pours her heart out on Twitter and gains a lot of sympathy from Indonesian netizens. Read More

Fans of Indonesian pop band Noah have been tweeting and retweeting videos of the band’s lead singer Ariel singing, while gliding on rollerblades during a concert at JIExpo, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, on Saturday (20/11) without losing his breath at all. Great stamina! Read More

Marvel Cinematic Universe has just released a trailer for ‘Hawkeye’, a new movie that will be playing on Disney+ tomorrow (24/11). In the 15-second trailer, we can see the skilled-archer Avenger (Clint Barton) shooting a few arrows. Exciting! Read More

@bondol_jpg has coined the term ‘TBL’, which stands for ‘Takut Banget Loch’ (‘Petrified’), on Twitter. The account’s followers have been using the term to describe things or persons that terrify them. Do you have any? Read More

Malang’s successful entrepreneur Gilang Widya Pramana, also known as Juragan 99, has just created an account @GilangJuragan99 on Twitter. Within a few hours, more than 37,200 people have followed his account. Interesting! Read More

Fans of Barca congratulate the 18-year-old midfielder Pedro Gonzalez Lopez, also known as Pedri, for winning the 2021 Golden Boy Award. The award is given by sports journalists to a young footballer in Europe perceived to be the most impressive during the year. Read More

Thousands of people, ranging from British politician Nigel Farage to the official accounts of Leeds United and Domino’s Pizza, have joined in the Twitter Space #singyourdialect. So much fun! Read More

Three activists have taken pictures of JK Rowling’s family house in Scotland and leaked her address on the internet, causing her to receive numerous death threats. Those photos have been removed after the activists involved also received online abuse. Read More

A professor at University of Indonesia is accused of conducting acts of verbal and physical abuse for many years. @IbnuTasrip has spilled some of the information and screenshots on Twitter. Check it out! Read More

Twitter will be conducting their first test of Live Shopping in collaboration with Walmart on Sunday (28/11). The app’s variation of live-stream shopping will enable users to tune into the live broadcast with shopping options displayed below the video feed. Read More

Want to look cute and adorable? Now, you can puff out your cheeks, chin and entire face and look a few kgs overweight by putting on the #chubbyfilter on TikTok. Amusing, isn’t it? Read More

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