How’s your Monday? Hope everything goes well for you today. We’ve prepared some interesting news for you, one of them is Taylor Swift’s short film ‘All To Well’ is being talked about a lot on social media. The nearly 15-minute clip tells a more detailed story behind the song ‘All To Well’ and it is believed that Swift is making fun of her ex-boyfriend. Let’s stay up-to-date with the latest social media trends. Check out the news and trends on November 15th. We will keep you updated every day!

Netizens around the world are besotted with Taylor Swift’s short movie All Too Well, featuring Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien. The movie portrays emotional abuses in a relationship, which include teen grooming and gaslighting. Her fans believe that the movie is a reminiscence of the singer’s past relationship with American actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Read More

Lots of content creators have been using Taylor Swift’s song ‘All Too Well’ to illustrate their sentimental videos on TikTok. Some of them also mention American actor Jake Gyllenhaal as they believe that he was the inspiration behind the sad song. Read More

Local hair vitamin brand Ellips “goes international” and displays its ad on one of the most prestigious spots in the world, Times Square, New York. @mediapromoId shares the good news on Twitter and reaps lots of positive responses from Indonesian netizens that have been using the hair product. Read More

Red Notice, comedic heist movie on Netflix, has received a mélange of reviews from cinephiles around the world. Some are saying that it’s a fun film with great action scenes, while others are saying that it’s more fueled by its big stars than its storyline. Have you watched it? What do you think? Read More

#GrazieVale trends on Twitter, a few moments after Italian professional racer Valentino Rossi completed his final race at the 2021 Valencia MotoGP on Sunday (14/11). Cybernauts from around the world bid The Doctor a warm farewell, while an Indonesian netizen has created a special meme for his retirement. Read More

Six workers of the Gacoan noodle outlet in Kotabaru, Yogyakarta, have been sacked and reported to the police as the result of the incident on Saturday (13/11). Netizens reflect on the injustice on Twitter, as they believe that the incident was caused by the store’s bad management. Read More

K-Pop fans adore ‘Outrun by Running Man’, spin-off of the most popular variety show in South Korea, released on Disney+ on November 12. The show features 10 Kpop idols playing the infamous Name Tag Race in episode two. Don’t miss it! Read More

Grandson of Indonesian president Joko Widodo Jan Ethes has won a gold medal in a Taekwondo championship held by Sanggar Kartika Buana (SKB) Solo in Tirtonadi Terminal Sport Hall on Sunday (14/11). Netizens share videos of the match on Twitter and comment on the tenacity and strength of the five-year-old boy. Read More

On Twitter, @bertanyarl posts a menfess about a girl chatting with her boyfriend, but all that netizens care to see is him transferring her some credits on ShopeePay. Brands can take inspiration from the post and use it for marketing purposes. Read More

Facebook is adding a range of shopping and product discovery options in groups to its expanding E-commerce push in order to capitalize on niche targeting and community engagement. The app is also adding product recommendations in groups in order to help members find more relevant items. Read More

The funny and catchy song ‘Agak Laen’ (‘A Bit Different’), coming from a podcast under the same title, has been used to illustrate many videos describing uncommon situations in life on TikTok. Some of them are quite amusing and entertaining. Check them out! Read More

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