Good morning everyone! Here are top social media news stories from this week that you don’t want to miss. Check out the latest news & trend on Sept 22nd, we’ll keep you up every day!

Heavy downpour and strong winds hit the city of Depok yesterday (21/09). Netizens comment on this topic on Twitter and share their own experiences during the heavy rain. Wish everyone’s safe! Read More

Granada came into the spotlight in the La Liga championship yesterday as the team managed to hold Blaugrana with the score 1:1. With their impressive performance, the team has both showed their dominance and confirmed the bad image of Spanish giants under their coaches. Read More

Jennifer Lopez’s hit song ‘On The Floor’ (2011) remains one of the top choices for creating video contents on TikTok. Songs with up-tempo dance  music are often considered suitable to use as a backsound for before-and-after transition videos. Read More

A user on Tiktok made a creative twist by using the word “Unle” in the remix song of Nigerian Singer Okay ‘Love Nwantiti’, which is quite similar to the Indonesian word “Boleh” (“can/may”), to illustrate his video content. Other content creators follow suit and combine the song with unique videos that attract a lot of audience and result in high engagement. Read More

E-Commerce platform Shopee is making waves on Twitter today by its new marketing campaign that goes with the keyword ‘Voucher Punyaku’. A lot of Indonesian netizens are participating in this campaign to win Shopee’s 500K prize vouchers. Read More

The tweet meme ‘Ade Kaka’ (literally, ‘little brother and big brother’ in Indonesian), which shows the picture of bodybuilder Ade Rai and Slank’s vocalist Kaka together, is receiving a lot of positive responses on Twitter today. Netizens think that the meme is very funny as the two are definitely not siblings. Read More

The hashtag #TikTokCover, created by content creators that make cover videos of songs on TikTok, is trending now. So far, the trend has seen over 189.8 million views today. Brands can tap in the trend for their TikTok marketing contents. Read More

Since yesterday, iPhone users in Indonesia have been downloading the new iOS 15. Until now, netizens are still discussing the pros and cons of Apple’s new software update. Is it really useful and significant or just a hype? Read More

Twitter is expanding its Official Partner Program to include more third-party providers that can advise on key tweet marketing elements. One of Twitter’s newest partners is Bloomberg, who will provide “actionable signals in strategic analysis and investment decisions”. Read More

Eva Celia broke into happy tears as her boyfriend musician Demas Narawangsa got on one knee to propose to her on her 29th birthday last night (21/09). The topic resulted in lots of positive conversations on Twitter as netizens also share their joy and pray for the happy couple. Read More

With the hashtag #YukCariTau, content creators can create various informative contents on education, finance, fashion & beauty and sports on TikTok. Brands can also tap in and use this challenge to promote their products and services. Read More

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