An unpleasant news has ushered us into the month of November 2021. On Halloween’s Night, a Japanese man, who adores the villain character Joker, has been arrested in a knife and arson attack that injured 17 people on a train in Central Tokyo. You want to know MORE interesting information? Let’s stay up-to-date with the latest social media trends. Check out the news and trends on November 1st. We will keep you updated every day!

A video of a man, dressed as Batman’s Joker, calmly puffing his cigarette in a train is now viral on Twitter. Reportedly, the man has stabbed 17 people and started a fire on a carriage train bound for Shinjuku in Central Tokyo on Sunday (31/10). Read More

South Korean beau Kim Seon Ho, going through a scandal of abuse and abortion, is confirmed to start filming for his new film ‘Sad Tropical’ next month. Screen-caps of Kim’s chat with his ex-girlfriend, reported by @coppamagz, are also viral on Twitter now. Read More

Indonesian netizens are divided on a discussion on Twitter of children putting up their old parents in a nursing home. Many think that children should remain devoted and take care of their parents in old age, while some believe that putting them up in a nursing home is quite alright under certain circumstances. What’s your opinion? Read More

Hazing has unfortunately become a tradition in some colleges and universities in the country. Today, a video of senior students beating up a junior in Sriwijaya State Polytechnic University in Palembang, South Sumatera, has triggered angry reactions among netizens on Twitter. Read More

The arrival of November springs up new hopes and wishes for the future among Indonesian cybernauts on Twitter. What’s your expectations for this month? Read More

Twitter has just opened up its new ‘Super Follow’ option to all users on iOS, which will provide more monetization potentials for creators, allowing them to draw direct income from their biggest fans. Very interesting, isn’t it? Read More

DogeCoin’s remarkable increase of 179.69% within the last 24 hours has sparked a heated conversation on Twitter. Many intend to stock it up in the hope of further increase in the near future. What do you think? Read More

Most Indonesian netizens have chosen to remain ordinary on Halloween. And yet, under certain circumstances, these ordinary looks can be scary, too. What’s your costume for this year’s Halloween? Read More

On Twitter, Indonesian netizens are comparing pictures of NCT 127’s members Jungwoo and Taeyong, posing as Twilight’s Edward Cullen and Bella Swan on Halloween, to Indonesian artists Ricky Harun and Jessica Milla in the TV series ‘Ganteng-Ganteng Serigala’ (‘Handsome as Wolves’). Can you see their similarities? Read More

The original sound by @rafii.hrp is now viral on TikTok as lots of content creators have been using it to express their confusion when someone gets angry at them out of the blue. Read More

A video of heavy-duty trucks and containers passing “Free York”, a pun on the Tanjung Priok area in North Jakarta, is now trending on Twitter. The video is aptly captioned “Salam Dari Priok” (“Greetings from Priok”) after the recently popular “Salam Dari Binjai” (“Greetings from Binjai”). Read More

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