Alcon Entertainment and Sony Pictures have just announced that the star of ‘Jurassic World’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, Chris Pratt, is to voice the lasagna-loving, Monday-hating comic strip feline Garfield in a new animated movie. You want to know MORE interesting information? Let’s stay up-to-date with the latest social media trends. Check out the news and trends on November 2nd. We will keep you updated every day!

American actor Chris Pratt has been cast as Garfield in the new animated feature. Previously, the actor has been voice-acting for various animated movies, such as ‘The Lego Movie’ (2019), ‘Onward’ (2020), and many more. Which other movie character do you think Pratt should voice? Read More

After a long hiatus, South Korean group 2AM has released a mini album, titled ‘Ballad 21 F/W’, on Monday (01/11). Indonesian netizens and fans of the group are very much impressed with their romantic music video. Read More

Netizens are excited with the good news that public activity restrictions (PPKM) in Greater Jakarta have now been eased to Level 1. As of today, supermarkets and malls can fully operate until 10 pm and offices can have 75% of their staffs working onsite. Read More

A tweet, portraying a handler at Jakarta’s Ragunan Zoo looking very similar to New Zealand’s singer Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor, a.k.a. Lorde, has just gone viral on Twitter. Is she real or simply a creative art by Photoshop? Read More

On Twitter, Indonesian netizens are urging retails and drug stores to have different shopping carts showing which of the shoppers prefer getting assisted and which of them don’t. It would indeed be revolutionary! Read More

The instant credit financing Kredivo has received positive comments for its ad campaign featuring Indonesian comedian Haji Bolot taking yoga classes. Indonesian netizens are thrilled with the unforeseen plot twist of the campaign. Read More

Air passengers are no longer required to undergo the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests for Covid-19, said coordinating human development and culture minister Muhadjir Effendy on Monday (01/11). However, air travelers are still required to undergo antigen tests. Read More

A drawing inspired by a picture of Amanda Manopo leaning onto Arya Saloka in the TV series ‘Ikatan Cinta’ (‘Bound for Love’) has reaped hilarious comments from Indonesian netizens as the neck of the actress appears to be painfully crooked and twisted. A late Halloween’s craft, perhaps? Read More

Twitter has now shared some new insight into its in-development NFT showcase process, which will eventually enable Twitter users to share their NFTs with direct connection back to the ownership status of each. Read More

Overland travelers going on a minimum distance of 250 km, or approximately 4 hours of drive, are now required to show a proof of vaccination and a negative antigen test.  Netizens joke around the new requirement on Twitter. Read More

A picture of an iconic batik-cover notebook has triggered a discussion on Twitter. Lots of Indonesian netizens reminisce about their high school years, carrying these rather heavy hard-cover books in their bags. Some also recall the  “weird” smell of the notebook. Did you have any of these when you were at school? Read More

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